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"Best Service is our Forever principle" is the phrase on which our team works. From the beginning when a customer contacts us till they uses our products we are in constant touch with them..
Running on ethical principles and feasibility of an idea, we possess the latest techniques which manufacture hygienic medical & surgical products. Keeping an eye on innovation....
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Ali Sons was born in 1998 with the motto to Conceive, Design, Develop, and market Innovative medical devices of finest quality for common people.

After much hardwork and years of experience Ali Sons can provide almost 300 types of products serving the needs of common people.

The products include Surgical dressings as well as Disposables. All the products are made with high quality nurtured with a touch of experience qualifying them for export and local OT use around the world.

The USP of Ali Sons has been to supply best quality for common people.

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